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Additional Services

These services can be added to any cleaning package upon request.

If you would like to add additional services, please let us know ahead of time so we can adjust our schedule to plan for the additional time spent in your home.

All prices are per service/room


  • Water plants (up to 10 plants, $0.50 each thereafter)
  • Wash wall near one pet sleeping OR eating area
  • Wash pet bowls
  • Vacuum pet bedding (per area/bed)
  • Change sheets (per bed) – Bunk beds add $2.50
  • Wet wipe and dry blinds (per blind)
  • Replace bathroom linens (per bathroom)
  • Vacuum/Remove Pet Hair from cloth furniture (3 pieces)
  • Wipe leather furniture (3 pieces)

$10.00 (per service)

  • Wash inside and outside bottom window and accessible tops (tilt in only - small windows only)
  • Clean front door & remove cobwebs on front of porch (outside)

$15.00 (per service)

  • Clean and Sanitize Pet Areas (Vacuum one bedding, clean water bowl, food bowl, tray, and wash wall near one sleeping and one eating area)

$20.00 (per service)

  • Clean porches or decks (wipe furniture, sweep, wash glass door/window, remove cobwebs)

$35.00 (per service)

  • Clean inside refrigerator including foodstuffs/toss expired
  • Wash walls (per room)
  • Hand scrub floor (tile/vinyl) and bleach grout using cleaner and sealant (starting at $35 for small bathroom)
  • Clean inside oven (including non-self cleaning) 
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