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Organization Services

All organization services will require an initial in-home or video consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals for organizing your space.

**Video Chat Consultations are available for advice on how to tackle straightening your own space one thing at a time. We can also recommend storage and design options along with where to purchase, and help decide what to keep and what to toss. -- $50/hr **

We know with work and/or kids, things can get a little hectic! Deadlines approach, holidays come and go, and you still have to take the kids to soccer and ballet! Let us help you get your life back! We know you try to find the time to get things organized, but it never seems to come! End your stress today! We can help organize your:

Bedrooms; Play Room; Kitchen; Bathroom; Office; Clothes/Closets; Laundry Room; and more! We can also help with packing/unpacking before or after a move organizing everything along the way.

Organization Packages

Organization & Cleaning Special: Add Organization projects one space at a time! Add the organization of any one space - like a pantry or play area to your cleaning for $50/hour. (No minimum amount of time)

A - Organization Only - $100/hr (2 person team)

Includes organization of any space - does not include cleaning. Can be billed until job completion or per hour and at your discretion. Includes collecting trash and donations. 3 hour minimum.

B- Organization and Deep Cleaning - $140/hr (2 person team)

Includes organization and deep cleaning of each requested space. 3 hour minimum. 

  • Additional $10/hr on Saturday
  • Additional $40/hr for each additional requested helper.
  • Additional $35 to add a donation transport to any organization service. We can not transport large heavy items - clothing and small household items only.

"No Job Too Big Or Too Small!"

We've even taken on the job of completely reorganizing an entire home that was in the same condition as the homes on the popular TV shows "Clean House" and "Hoarders". In about two weeks time, we were able to get everything in the home organized which included the purchase of shelving, and other organizational supplies. As a bonus, we included many samples of decorating ideas and the client was absolutely thrilled. So when we say "no job too big or too small" we MEAN it. Don't be embarrassed - life happens! We understand that. We are non-judgmental, compassionate, and are there simply to help make your life easier, more organized, and less stressful. We look forward to hearing from you!

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